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It's arrived

It's arrived at last my new Driving School car, a Renault Megane Dynamique in white.  You can now see us coming!.

Driving Theory Test

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  • Allan Stevenson Driving School has been around in Carlisle for almost 18 years.
  • Local convenient pick up and drop off in and around Carlisle.
  • Our driving school offers one hour, or two hour lessons. 
  • Pass plus lessons are a way to gain experience out of Carlisle.

Adrian Flux
  • Driving lessons on the motorway are a big part of our driving school.  
  • Our driving school in Carlisle caters for new and experienced drivers who wants to gain motorway experience.
  • Refresher lessons are available to anyone who feels they may benefit from them.  There is no need to be embarassed.

The process of learning to drive should be fun and Carlisle is a fun place to start.  Driving lessons with me will be informative and enjoyable.  They will be structured to meet your needs, because everyone is different.  They will always be one to one. Some instructors pick up their next pupil near the end of your driving lesson encroaching into your time !  Not with me you pay for exclusive time with me and that is what you get.


Provisional Marmalade
Provisional Marmalade

So if you are looking to learn to drive safe for life then either send me an email,
or give me a call on 01228 550101, or 07889 692447.  If I cannot answer leave a message and I will call you back.